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We Love Coffee is a family-run business in East Kilbride. They source some of the finest coffee beans from around the world and roast all of the coffees in a custom built convection roaster brought all the way from Seattle; the only one in Europe.


Bulldog is the brainchild of Lewis at We Love Coffee and we think he’s nailed it! Lewis wanted to get a bit of his personality in this cup – so it’s very smooth, a little bit fruity and has nice trainers… well maybe not the last bit. This is a connoisseur’s choice, roasted medium to light to bring out all the flavours of this 100% Arabica south and central America blend it’s one he’s rightly proud of. And yes that is his dog on the front!


Massimo blend is a well-rounded coffee that will suit everyone’s taste palate - roasted in small batches in a one of a kind convection air roaster.
70% Brazilian Santos & 30% Peruvian Chanchamayo give a deep, creamy chocolate and caramel body with a tasty sweet biscuit finish.

Italian Passion

A traditional Italian recipe, 70% Brazilian, 30% Colombian. A strong roast with hints of praline & toffee.

Signature Blend

A real ethical choice. Made from 5 of the world’s finest Arabica coffees, this creates a truly outstanding Espresso with a glorious Golden crema. Notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

San Lorenzo

A single-origin Colombian coffee. Part of the Bulldog range, this really packs a delicious punch.

Biftu Gudina

New for 2020, single-origin Ethiopian coffee. A washed coffee with tasting notes of honey, peach & lime. Really vibrant and full of character but in no way bitter, it’s the perfect coffee for someone who loves an espresso full of zing!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review